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a headline I wasnt prepared to read

Rudeness is merely an expression of fear. People fear they won’t get what they want. The most dreadful and unattractive person only needs to be loved, and they will open up like a flower


noir au

my tablet pen is doing this weird thing so these are all rushed


i made twitter just for this

Drawings by Federico Infante.



how do boys actually dry their ducks after they shower like

do you just grab it in the towel and roll it between your hands like a dough snake

or do you swing it around to air dry

I need to know



I have a counter on my blog for how much money I’ve earned up to that point! I update it every night before bed! :) I am also now opening these commissions up to other requests such as Chibis that I do, to much cleaner Portraits and as mentioned full body sketches are also possible!

I’ve done really well so far! So If you could keep circulating, I’d super duper appreciate it, and thanks so much for all the help so far! As said in my previous post—

All information for payment and requests are here. Please do not send an ask because they do not always go through. You can if you don’t want to contact through email, but I would prefer emails. Or you can add me on skype under cyanidecaps and mention it is for commissions. Thank you so much everyone.




mother loaf chirping to tipsy babies

I thought chirping was an exaggeration but no. no that is actually a chirp

mother loaf

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